Thoracic Suction Tube Chest

Thoracic Suction Tube Chest

Item number:104.198B
Bends:with handle One bend / two bends or arc bends
Size can be customized

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Thoracic Suction Tube Chest :104.198B with handle

Thoracic Suction Tube Chest:One bend / two bends or arc bends, size can be customized

Thoracic Suction Tube Chest FAQ:

1:What is the reason for chest tubes after thoracic surgery?

Chest tubes are often inserted after lung surgery to remove fluids during healing. They can be inserted when a person is awake, with the use of local anesthetic, or during surgery. Complications may include pain, bleeding, infection, and a collapsed lung (pneumothorax).

2:Is thoracic surgery painful?

Introduction. Neuropathic pain after thoracic surgery, known as post-thoracotomy pain, is common and sometimes severe. The pain often becomes chronic and is associated with symptoms including burning, shooting, shocking, pressure-like, and aching sensations

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