Ventriculoscopy Instruments

Ventriculoscopy Instruments

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Ventriculoscopy Instruments

DescriptionSizeQTY. pcs
Endoscope not autoclavable0° Ф2.7×205mm1
Endoscope not autoclavable30° Ф2.7×205mm1
Woking casing21.9Fr1
Micro scissorsSharp,flexible,2*350mm1
Micro scissorsBlunt,flexible,2*350mm1
Micro biopsy forcepsFlexible,2*350mm1
Micro grasping forcepsFlexible,2*350mm1
Hook electrode305mm1
Blunt electrode305mm1
Needle electrode305mm1
Bipolar electric coagulator305mm1
High frequency cordMonopolar for TS monopolar forceps and electric coagulator1
High frequency cordBipolar for TS diskoscope and ventriculoscope1
Light guide cableФ4×1800mm1

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