Laparoscopic Trainer/surgical Simulator For Medical Training Box

Laparoscopic Trainer/surgical Simulator For Medical Training Box

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  • Suture knotting training: disecting, ligation, suturing, and hemostasis are the four basic skills of surgery. However, laparoscopic surgery and traditional laparotomy have different operational techniques. Therefore, to master the laparoscopic operation technique, it must be After technical training, there is a process of gradual adaptation. Laparoscopic training should include three processes: simulation training, animal experiment, and clinical practice. The main function of the laparoscopic simulation training box is to simulate the human abdominal cavity. Through the necessary laparoscopic instruments, the laparoscopic surgery technique training under the monitor image. .
    Hand-eye coordination training: Put some rice grains, small paper balls and other objects in the training box. Under the monitor screen display, clamp the items one by one to another designated position with a gripper, or put a graphic fold in the training box. For good drawing paper, use the gripper to open the paper first, then use the tissue clamp to cut the pattern. It is required to be free to collide around in the operation, and try to be stable, accurate, light and fast.
    Directional adaptation training: Place the needle nail training board in the training box, use the grasping forceps to perform the winding training on each needle, or use the suture to complete the similar operation, repeatedly practice, and continuously improve the orientation ability of the laparoscopic operation.
    Tissue separation training: Place bananas, grapes, oranges, or chicken with skin in the training box, and use blunt sharp separation training with grasping forceps, scissors, and separation pliers.
    Suture knotting training: The matching suture training silica gel is placed at the bottom of the training box, and the needle clamp is used to perform suture knotting training.

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