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Surgical insufflation safely transports CO2 to the patient's body, most commonly the abdomen, to distend the working area and allow better access to anatomy and use of surgical tools.

Products introduction:

Build CO2 space in the laparoscope surgery for offering wide view in the surgery.

Supply Voltage

 - 220V 50Hz


 40 VA

 Range of press

 5~30 mmHg

 Range of flw


 Safe classification

 Type I Model B

 Run mode

 Inter loading/Cont.Duty


 <=50 dB

 Host size

 330*330*120 mm


 9 kg

 Environmental temp.

 +10°c ~ +40°c

 Relative Humd.

 30% ~ 75%

 Atmospheric perss

 86 ~ 106kPa

Introduction and Description

Gas Insufflator is the primary instrument of artificial pneumoperitoneum .

Using Gas Insufflator can affuse high purity CO2 into abdominal cavity , block off abdominal wall and abdominal entrails by the gas , so that come into being a operation manipulate space , stopping admission when reach the expected air pressure , maintain a certain amount gas so that make the abdominal cavity is always in expected air pressure .Gas Insufflator can automatic aeratein in order to maintain the necessary space of operation manipulate when air pressure of abdominal cavity descend in operation manipulate ( such as CO2 of abdominal cavity suck out or seep so that cause the pressure of abdominal cavity descend when air leak or operation that needs sunction or exosomatic oversew ) .

Compare endoscopic diagnosis and remedial method with traditional method , the former can alleviate affliction of patient immensely.

Use CO2 expand abdominal cavity of patient cavity in order to gain suitable observational condition and sufficient operation space.

Gas Insufflator that introduced in this tutorial amalgamate the latest technical,safety standard , can afford different form admission pattern.

LPS low pressure admission system.


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