Suction And Irrigation Tube


Product Details

Suction and Irrigation Tube

Intended Use

This instrument is used in a laparoscopic surgery for the aspiration/irrigation of fluids from/into the abdomen. 


The instrument is not intended for use when endoscopic techniques are contraindicated.


l The device is made of stainless steel and the parameter of the shaft isφ 5*330mm.

The device is reusable and delivered unsterilized. Ensure to clean and sterilize before the first use and after each use.

Instructions for Use

1. Prior to the operation, clean and sterilize the device.

2. Check the instrument for completeness and damage.

3.Run through the irrigation fluid to remove any air in the system by pressing the irrigation valve.

4. Make sure the switch stays in the middle which is perpendicular to the shaft before inserting into the body.

5. Insert the cannula into a suitable port and turn the switch to operate the suction or irrigation as required.(the switch controls the valve, turn left to irrigate, close in the middle, turn right to absorb)

101.068 5mm,10mm

Disassemble and Reset


1. Unscrew down the shaft.

2. Unscrew down spring cap from stopcock, remove cock plug.


1. After clean and sterilization, insert the cock plug and fix with the spring cap. Tighten slightly.

2. Test for proper operation.

Clean, Sterilization and Disinfection

Clean: We recommend using the ultrasonic cleaning method to clean.

We recommend using the 2% alkaline glutaric dialdehyde. Prepare the disinfecting solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sterilization: We recommend using the moist heat. the sterilization parameter listed below:

Sterilization Method





The Minimum




Moist heat---Gravity Displacement Autoclave



30 Min

102.9 Kpa

Moist heat---Pre Vacuum Process



4 Min

205.8 Kpa


Stored in controlled environment, which is kept away from the sun, rats, fire, insects and caustic gas, as well as with good ventilation.

Storage temperature range: -20℃~50℃, relative humidity range: 10%~80%.


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