Reusable Veress Needle

Reusable Veress Needle

The veress needle is intended to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to trocar and cannula insertion in laparoscopic procedures.

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Reusable Veress needle

The veress needle is intended to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to trocar and cannula insertion in laparoscopic procedures.

Pneumoperitoneum needle

Working parameter: φ 2.4×100mm, φ 2.4×120mm, φ 2.4×150mm

CodeDescriptionDiameterWorking length
101.058AVeress needle2mm110mm
101.058BVeress needle2mm120mm
101.058CVeress needle2mm150mm

Features of the Laparoscopic veress needle:

1. Prior to insertion, inspect the veress needle to ensure that the stylet move freely in and out of the needle with minimal pressure applied to the stylet. Please do not attempt to use the veress needle if the stylet does not return over the sharp end when tension on the stylet is halted.

2. The stopcock should be in the “off” position.

3. Make a small incision below the umbilicus to insert the needle.

4. Insertion perpendicular to skin, aiming for centre of pelvis (with/without abdominal wall elevation dependant on patient habitus).

5. Constant gentle pressure.

6. A single or two ‘pops’may be felt (fascia and peritoneum).

7. Cease insertion as soon as peritoneal entry achieved.

8. Attach a syringe to the luer fitting, change the stopcock to “open” position, and draw back the syringe plunger to aspirate through the needle. Presence of blood, or other liquid, indicates potential perforation of organs or vessels.

9. Some clinicians allow free flow of saline through the insufflation needle as added confirmation of correct placement.

10. If there is no aspiration, the insufflation tube may be connected to distend the abdomen.

11. During insufflation, attention should be given to abdominal pressures as indication of proper peritoneal insufflaiton.

12.Loss of liver dullness on percussion is often taken as an indication of proper insufflation needle placement.

13.Careful attention to prevent over-inflation of the peritoneal cavity impairing respiratory activity should be given in consultation with the anesthesiologist.

14.Once the abdomen is distended, and pneumoperitoneum is established, position the stopcock to the “off” position.

15. Remove the needle from the patient.

Clean: We recommend using the ultrasonic cleaning method.

Disinfection: It is recommended to be disinfected by 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde. Please follow the instruction of disinfectant manufacturer.

Sterilization: We recommend using the moist heat. the sterilization parameter listed below:



Sterilization Method





The Minimum




Moist heat---Gravity Displacement Autoclave



30 Min

102.9 Kpa

Moist heat---Pre Vacuum Process



4 Min

205.8 Kpa

Keep safe in clean environment, which is kept away from the sun, rats, fire, insects and caustic gas, as well as with good ventilation.Storage temperature range: -20℃~50℃, relative humidity range: 10%~80%.

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