Laparoscopic Training Simulator

Laparoscopic Training Simulator

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Laparoscopic Training Simulator


Procedure:training, for laparoscopy


Other characteristics:portable


Packaged as a portable and fully integrated system including a camera, laparoscopic platform, instrumets and training moudle,the Simsei laparoscopic trainer helps to elevate skill development for both the novice and the advanced laparoscopic surgeon.

Comprehensive Training Platform
Enhances basic and advanced laparoscopic skills
Enables individual or group training

Adjustable Patient Positioning
Adjustable legs accommodate a wide range of simulated patient positions

First Entry Kit
Features anatomically correct
abdominal wall anatomy, and
includes instrumentation for training
on optical, optical with insufflation,
Hasson, and insufflation needle
entry techniques

Pegboard Exercise
Supports hand-eye
coordination, ambidexterity,
depth perception, and basic
laparoscopic skills training

Tissue Model & Platform
Facilitates suturing training
including double-layer closure on
a platform that allows adjustable
tissue plane angles

Dissection Model & Platform
Enables blunt and cold sharp
dissection training through
simulated tissues with embedded


Contacts:Jane Dong


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