Laparoscopic Insufflation Needle

Laparoscopic Insufflation Needle

Laparoscopic insufflation needle

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Laparoscopic insufflation needle

Patient safety as well as product quality and functionality has been the core focus of the design of Lagis Veress Needle.

The needle cannula is available in 120mm or 150mm length.

Inside the cannula and extending beyond the sharp tip is a spring-loaded, blunt stylet.

The stylet retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal wall and automatically slides forward once the peritoneum has been penetrated.

The luer lock with a stopcock at the end of the handle is connected to the CO2 insufflation tubing for inflating the abdominal cavity.

1KED02.001Disposable veress needle2.4*120mm
2KED02.002Disposable veress needle2.4*150mm

veress needle 120mm

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