Laparoscopic Hand Instrument

Laparoscopic Hand Instrument

Laparoscopy Hand Instrument

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Laparoscopy Hand Instrument

Kanger Laparoscopic Hand Instruments are the perfect extension of the surgeon’s hands.
Reusable laparoscopic hand instruments product line are a result of exemplary workmanship in a superior 3 piece design of an insulated outer tube, robust insert .

Laparoscopic Hand Instruments also known as laparoscopic grasper, laparoscopic dissector, laparoscopic scissors, monopolar hand instruments, laparoscopic atraumatic grasper, Laparoscopic Forceps, Laparoscopic Hand Instruments available in different types.

Advanced Features of surgical laparoscopic instruments:

· Comfort that reduces operator fatigue.

· Durable materials & Autoclavable.

· High quality stainless steel.

· Proven ball-socket attachment of the insert to the handle.

· Rotatable design handle.

· Easy-to-use ratchet control.

· Wide range of instrument tips for use in all laparoscopic.

· No hidden space to accommodate blood & debris.

Tonglu Kanger Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laparoscopic,

thoracoscopic, gynecological, urologic surgical instruments and related

devices. Our factory established in 1999, almost 20 years experience in

producing, designing, and selling these kinds of instruments. Currently, we have

exported to UK, Brazil,Turkey, Mexico and 20 other countries and regions.



Contacts:Jane Dong


Mob./WhatsApp/Wechat:+86 15057102103

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