ENT Surgical Instrument Otoscope

ENT Surgical Instrument Otoscope

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ENT Surgical Instrument Otoscope

Otoscopes are intended for inspection of the external ear canal and eardrum under magnification using an external illumination source.

Contraindications for use

There is no contraindication that has direct connection with the endoscope till now.

Do not attempt to steam autoclave sterilize any endoscope not marked “autoclave” as this may damage the endoscope or render it unusable.

It is not recommended to use multiple sterilizations, because it may reduce the performance of the instruments.

Sterilization Method

Product Category


The Minimum Time


Gravity Displacement Autoclave

Endoscope, instrument


30 Min

102.9 Kpa

Pre Vacuum Process

Endoscope, instrument


4 Min

205.8 Kpa


1. Endoscopes should be put in specialized box after each use.

2. Do not overlap each other when storing. And endoscopes should be stored in clean and dry environment which the relative humidity not exceeding 80%, with good ventilation, and protected from rat, fire, insects and corrosive air.

3. Temperature: -18℃ to 60℃


Instructions for use

1. Make sure the device has been cleaned and sterilized before the first use and after every subsequent use.

2. Inspect the overall condition and physical integrity of the instrument before each use. Do not use a damaged or faulty instrument.

3. Check the optical end faces(distal tips and eyepiece) for scratched and surgical or cleaning residues. The surfaces should appear smooth and shiny.

4. Clean the window with alcohol wipes or cotton tip.

5. To test image quality, look through the eyepiece and the image should be clear and distinct.

6. Test for proper operation of telescope and accessories before application.

7. Operate the video and light source equipment according to the specifications of the appropriate operating instructions.

8. Connect to camera system and light source.

Serial Number
SpecificationAutoclavableAngle of view
E3011Otoscope4.0MM X 50MM X 0 °NO90 °
E3012Otoscope4.0MM X 50MM X 30 °NO90 °
E3013Otoscope4.0MM X 50MM X 70 °NO90 °
E3005Otoscope2.7MM X 60MM X 0 °NO90 °
E3006Otoscope2.7MM X 90MM X 0 °NO90 °
E3091Otoscope2.7MM X 110MM X 0 °NO90 °
E1001Sinoscope4.0MM X 175MM X 0 °NO90 °
E1002Sinoscope4.0MM X 175MM X 30 °NO90 °
E1003Sinoscope4.0MM X 175MM X 70 °NO90 °


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