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ENT Rigid Laryngoscope

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ENT Rigid Laryngoscope

Laryngoscopes are intended to provide illumination within the larynx during the process of performing intubations.

Adopting Sweden high quality stainless steel Adopting German optical fiber New generation optical system design, wide angle, high definition Sapphire window for lens, with direction index, Lens are produced by our optical workshop With different adapter for STORZ, WOLF, STRYKER

Endoscopic procedures should be performed only by physicians or related medical personnel with adequate training and knowledge of these procedures.

Consult the medical literature relative to techniques, complications, contraindication and hazards prior to performing any endoscopic procedure.

Verify the compatibility before utilizing the instruments and accessories of different manufacturers and ensure the electrical isolation of grounding is not compromised.

Check the endoscope for sharp edges, bent, loose or broken components before each use.

The endoscope is shipped non-sterile. The device must be cleaned and sterilized prior to the first use and after every subsequent use.

Danger of blindness! Never look into the open end of light cable.

Failure to use protective filters or suitable filtering spectacles during the activation of a surgical laser beam may cause eye-damage to the user.

Do not use endoscope as a probe or apply pressure with the endoscope tip to surrounding tissues. The temperature and construction of endoscope may damage patient tissue.

When used with a light source, the endoscope can become very hot due to the emission of light and thermal energy. Avoid any direct contact with tissue and flammable materials.

Always start the procedure with the light source at its lowest possible setting. 

As needed, gradually increase the light output to the maximum level where adequate illumination is achieved.

If high-frequency electrosurgical instruments are used, please take caution to ensure that the working element of such instruments is kept within field of view to prevent accidental burns.

Contact with a rotating shaver or cutting instrument may cause the surface of the endoscope to become sharp or jagged or may result in portions of the endoscope being broken into the patient.

Surface temperature of the endoscope tip may exceed 41℃ as a result of high energy light radiated through the endoscope if the device is operated at maximum brightness. 

Tissue injury that is not visually obvious can occur before visible burns. 

To avoid tissue injury or burns to the patient or user, do not use light cables with a diameter greater than 5.0mm.

During ENT applications, do not introduce fluids into the surgical site to cool the endoscope. 

Remove the endoscope from the patient before trying to cool it.

During ENT applications, where tissues are more sensitive to temperature, use only the lowest power setting on the light source.

Laryngoscope,70 or 90 degree,6 or 8 or 10mm diameter

Laryngoscope,70 degree,8mm diameter,176mm working length


different degree








0 degree,Self-Retaining



Φ4.8 X179mm

12 degree,Self-Retaining



Φ8 X176mm

70 degree



Φ6 X176mm

70 degree



Φ8 X176mm

90 degree



Φ10 X176mm

90 degree



Φ8 X176mm

110 degree


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