Polymer Clip


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Polymer Clip

The Disposable ligation clips are intended for use in procedures involving ligation of vessels or tissue structures,made of polymer and packed by a PETG blister with the cover of Tyvek.


Features of the Hem-O-Lok clips:

1. Locking mechanism ensures secure closure.

2. Teeth design allows the clip to grasp the vessel tightly.

3. Hinge provides flexibility during clip placement.

4. Clips available in 3 sizes correspond to instruments sizes.

5.Three color/size of the HEM-O-LOK clips,XL/Yellow,L/Purple,M/Green.

Hem-o-lok clipYellowXL
Hem-o-lok clipPurpleL
Hem-o-lok clipGreenM

Kanger Medical is a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience in producing, designing and selling laparoscopic(reusable and disposable), thoracoscopic, gynecological,urological instruments, ENT and related devices.

We have CE,ISO13485 and have exported our products to more than 20 different countries and regions such like UK, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Kenya and etc.


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