Disposable laparoscopic insufflation needle

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Disposable laparoscopic insufflation needle

The stainless steel needle is attached at its proximal end to a plastic handle which is shaped for comfort in the hand and contains a stopcock and a leur lock connector. 

Needles are intended for single use only. 

Available in two sizes: 12 and 15cm. 

It is single packed and supplied sterile.
we insert Percutaneous into the peritoneal cavity for the purpose of insufflation with carbon dioxide to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to placement of trocars during laparoscopic procedures. 

Sometime we can use needle fordiagnostic or therapeutic paracentesis and thoracentesis
The insufflation cannula according Veress were developed especially for the safe and efficient creation of the pneumoperitoneum. 

From puncture to removal, this system is geared towards safety: 

The sharp cannula tip allows for controlled introduction. 

A position check during puncture is possible at any time thanks to the positioning indicator. 

In addition, the atraumatic retractor protection minimises the risk of organ damage.

Disposable veress needle 150mm


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