Disposable L Hook Tip Electrode

Brand:Kanger or Customization
Country of origin:Made in China

Product Details

Disposable L-Hook Tip Electrode

This device is intended to be used in laparoscopic operation. Probe to cauterize soft tissue, organ during the surgical procedures.

Disposable monopolar cord are designed to connect an electrosurgical device, such as monopolar forceps to a compatible electrosurgical generator.


Laparoscopic hook electrode's Features:

1. Safe and durable,Our instruments are made of high quality stainless steel and durable materials.

2. Its individual parts can be separated from each other easily and conveniently, so that they can be sterilized perfectly, and then reassembled.

3. Without danger to other organs, coagulation is performed.

4. Several types to choose: straight dissecting head, curved dissectinng head, buth haircut . 5. A special handle design allows for greater dexterity and larger finger rings help prevent finger fatigue.

6. Optimized working tips and handles result in unrivaled sensitivity and grasping selectivity.

7. Special designed Joint make accembing easy. save your cost and time.

8. With flexiable and reusable design.

9. Reduces trauma and eliminates unwanted forward movement.


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