5mm Laparoscopic Instruments

Size:5*330mm,5*450mm or Customization
Brand:Kanger or Customization
Country of origin:Made in China

Product Details

5mm Laparoscopic Instruments

The Kanger laparoscopic range has been designed with 7 different tip configurations to ensure that the correct instrument type is available for each procedure, from a laparoscopic cholecystectomy to complex robotic surgery

Each instrument tip can be easily identified by the unique colour on its rotatable dial, simplifying instrument selection during a procedure

Kanger laparoscopic 5 mm instruments are available in 2 lengths, 330 mm and 450 mm

KED03.001Disposable   Atraumatic Blunt Grasping Forceps
KED03.002Disposable Clinch   Grasping Forceps
KED03.003Disposable Duckbill   Grasping Forceps
KED03.004Disposable Curved   Maryland Dissecting Forceps
KED03.005Disposable Babcock   Grasping Forceps
KED03.006Disposable Allis   Grasping Forceps
KED03.007Disposable Claw   Grasping Forceps
KED03.008Disposable bipolar   forceps,straight
KED03.009Disposable bipolar   forceps,curved
KED03.010Disposable Single   Action Fenestrated Johan Grasping Forceps (Jaw Length: 22mm)
KED04.001Disposable Curved   Scissors,double-action
KED04.002Disposable Straight   Metzenbaum Scissors
KED04.003Disposable hook scissors
KED04.004Disposable Fully Insulated Curved   Metzenbaum Scissors



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